We have put together a small list of those questions that we are asked often, please call if you require further answers as we want you to know just how perfect our Essex doggy day care is:

Which requirements will you need before we admit our dog into doggy day care?

We must know that your dog, or dogs, have up-to-date inoculations and that includes flea treatments, recent tick removal and any other issues your dog has had recently. We will require you to produce their certificates regarding annual injections and will also require details of your local Vet.

Can you unleash my dog whilst in your care?

We welcome dogs of all sizes regardless of their needs in day care. We will not, without your permission, unleash dogs of different sizes. Our team are always there to observe and take care of your dog so no matter what size your pet may be we are there to care for them and ensure they have the exercise and care they deserve.

Do we bring their food?

We want your dog’s diet to be unaffected while you are away so please bring their food that they usually have for all their stay so it doesn’t affect their routine.

Are you Insured?

We are fully insured. Be that within your own home, whilst your dogs stay in our home on our home-boarding service, or if we are simply visiting for holiday care and feeding.

If my dog is sick or injured in your care, what happens?

Our park areas are fenced off, our home is secure and if we walk in other areas they are kept on a lead unless you give us permission to do otherwise. Our team are trained to notice illness or distress and we will keep you updated by email or text. If a dog in our care becomes unwell or is injured we will administer first aid and transport them in our dedicated vehicle to our Vet. If the Vet is not required they are always given the appropriate care and a quiet room in which they can rest.

Will my dog be trained whilst he is in your doggy day care?

We may not offer formal training sessions though we do ensure that the dogs in our care will receive basic manner training which allows them to learn to not snatch, jump up or bark unnecessarily. This is ongoing care whilst they stay with us.

Does my dog require an ID tag?

By law yes. Even if your dog is micro chipped, which we encourage you to do, we will be responsible for your dog when they are in our care. This enables us to cover all matter of issues should your dog choose to wander.

What happens if I collect my dog later than the arranged/allotted time?

We charge for a full day including:

  • Doggy Day Care from £20.00 per day – discounts for more than one, until 7pm evenings available
  • Home boarding – prices on application upon request and prior arrangement, home visit and deposit required. This is usually an overnight stay.

Are you fully licensed?

Yes, through the Thurrock Council. We are also fully liability insured. We are able to board up to 8 dogs per stay through the duration of your holiday. We hold fire extinguishers and have in place fire alarms that are tested and maintained on a regular basis.

Please note that Thurrock Borough Council will periodically check to make sure our home meets the standards required for looking after dogs in our home. This includes safety, cleanliness, a secure garden, dog first aid kit, separate cleaning area for food and drinking bowls, sealed food containers, fire extinguisher and smoke alarms.

Are you clean and safe, and can you assure me you are insured?

We are covered for safety, cleanliness, first aid and security. We always provide separate eating and drinking bowls, clean areas in which to eat and drink, and we use sealed food containers to ensure that bacteria does not enter our food.

You are based in Orsett, Essex, do you cover other local or regional areas?

Yes of course, here is a list of client areas we currently hold on our portfolio. We welcome clients to find out more about the comments our customers have given us:

  • Thurrock
  • Chafford Hundred
  • Stifford Clays
  • North Stifford
  • South Stifford
  • Orsett
  • Chadwell St.Mary
  • East Tilbury
  • Stanford-le-Hope
  • Corringham
  • Laindon
  • Horndon on the Hill
  • Bulphan
  • Rainham
  • Dagenham
  • South and North Ockendon
  • Hornchurch
  • Upminster

If we have failed in answering your questions regarding the day care, dog walking or any of the other dog and pet services we have available then please contact us directly using our contact form, or by calling directly on 01375 891133 or call Neil on 07837 494164. We welcome all enquiries and, should we not be available to speak to or answer your enquiry right away, we will call you promptly.