Dog Walking

Our dog walking services are entirely flexible. What this means for you, our owner, is that your dog is completely cared for whilst we are responsible for your pet. It also means that we are here to help you at every level, so if you need regular walking throughout your working day or if you just want us to care for them at the walking time that they are used to we will be there for you and your pooch. We walk in groups of six or individually if your dog is not very happy with walking with other dogs. We only let them off the lead If you provide us with your consent and only when we know that your dog, or dogs, are confident about their surroundings. We offer routine so that the dogs that we care for are completely happy in the areas that they are walking in, and we walk in whatever the weather throws up for us.


£12.00 for a group dog walk for up to 1 hour

£18.00 for 2 dogs on our group walks up to 1 hour

£15.00 on Bank holidays for 1 dog

£20.00 on Bank Holidays for 2 dogs

We do not walk on Sundays, Christmas day, Boxing day, New Years Day or Easter Sunday.

Dog Walking

We promise to train, play, command and treat when we need to. This ensures that your dogs continue the training that you have been completing whilst you have been out yourselves.

Our vehicles transport your dogs in separate crates, both for their own protection as well as making them comfortable whilst we travel.

Sit, stay, come, heel, wait or leave; you are assured that we treat your dogs just as we would treat our own. That is, with care, affection, and experienced training.


Essex Doggy Services always carry a first aid kit.

In the interest of health and safety please ensure your dogs vaccinations are up to date including Kennel Cough, we will need to see their Vet record. They also need to be wormed regularly, follow a flea control programme and should be well socialised with adults, children and other dogs.

All prices are based within a 5 mile radius of Westcliff. Over 5 miles will incur a service charge.