Holiday Feeding

If you are going away for just a day, a weekend or prefer your pets to be cared for in your own home then we are here for you. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are being cared for in their own home. We look after your pets and your home and make sure that every single detail is taken care of.

We are passionate about animals and are dedicated to doggy pet care and their own welfare whilst we sit in your home. Our team do not sit and have coffee in your home, we have regular dog walks, feed them at the time that you want us to and with the food you instruct us to, and your possessions and home are safe whilst we stay.

Dog sitting is something that we take seriously and that means that we take care of your pets just as they were our own. We provide the right care and will stay in your home whilst we care for their every needs. Each day that you are away we will care for your dog, giving them the attention that you would if you were at home, and we will make sure that their routine is up-kept as well as ensuring your home remains as clean and tidy as it was when we arrived.

24 hour care for your dog is not usually the case when they are homed in kennels whilst you are away, nor is the cleaning, feeding and grooming that they need on a daily basis.

Holiday Feeding


£10.00 per visit, dependent on location. Please ask for a quote if you require more than just a visit.

£15.00 per visit on Bank Holidays

Double rate on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Easter Sunday.

We always keep you informed by email or text should you wish us to, and we are always a call away should you need to call us when you are thinking of them.